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Raga intonation
This arti­cle demon­strates the the­o­ret­i­cal and prac­ti­cal con­struc­tion of micro­ton­al scales for the into­na­tion of North Indian ragas …
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Creation of just-intonation scales
The pro­ce­dure for export­ing just-intonation scales from murcchana-s of Ma-grama …
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A multicultural model of consonance
A frame­work for tun­ing just-intonation scales via two series of fifths For more than twen­ty cen­turies, musi­cians, instru­ment mak­ers and …
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Comparing temperaments
Images of tem­pered scales cre­at­ed by the Bol Processor The fol­low­ing are Bol Processor + Csound inter­pre­ta­tions of Bach’s Prelude …
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Rationalizing musical time: syntactic and symbolic-numeric approaches
Bernard Bel A con­tri­bu­tion to The Ratio Symposium, 14-16 Dec. 1992, Den Haag (The Netherlands). Published in Barlow, Clarence (ed.) …
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