Bol Processor Universal Binary released

Bol Processor 2.9.7 beta has been released! This ver­sion of BP2 is a “Universal Binary” that will run native­ly on all Mac OS X com­put­ers, PowerPC or Intel-based. Several bugs have been fixed as well. This update makes it much eas­i­er for oth­er devel­op­ers to con­tribute to the project since we are now build­ing BP2 with Apple’s free Xcode tools. Read the release notes or down­load it from Sourceforge. For an intro­duc­tion to the capa­bil­i­ties of BP2, please see Bol Processor intro­duc­tion. For help using this release, see the help forum. For gen­er­al dis­cus­sion of BP2, check out the BP forum.

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