Using the printer serial output

(This is only for users who did not install Opcode OMS)

The printer serial port may be used for a MIDI interface when either Appleshare is inactive or the computer is properly connected to an Ethernet or infra-red network.

The modem serial port is the one assumed by BP2 at startup. To set the default port to printer, start BP2 without loading any document and check "Printer output" it in the "Misc" menu of BP2. Then modify "-se.startup" in the "File" menu. This default settings file must be in the same folder as BP2.9.3.

BP2 does not change the output port when loading any settings file other than "-se.startup".

It is recommended to use the modem output rather than the printer output whenever possible, especially on portable machines. Opcode says that the printer output is unreliable for MIDI, it may cause the loss or incorrect timings of MIDI messages.

Some Macs have a unique serial output marked as a combined printer+modem port. BP2 sees this output as a 'modem' port.