Storing and sending MIDI data

"Receive MIDI data to file", in the "File" menu, makes it possible to store any in-coming stream of MIDI messages to a text file. It may for instance be used to save the set-up of a MIDI device using its bulk transfer facility. Time information is not saved, but it is normally not required for system exclusive messages.

Conversely, "Send MIDI data from file" sends data from a text file back to a MIDI device. It may be used to initialise the device.

On old machines like my good old Mac II-ci, these procedures are too slow for loading and sending streams larger than the buffer of the in-built MIDI driver (30,000 bytes).

The same features are found in most commercial MIDI programs. With the HyperMIDI stack which was supplied with early version of BP2, the stack's buffer had to be set to a size larger than that of the MIDI stream, e.g. 120,000 bytes for a dump of Roland D-50.