Scripts, volumes and folders

Although BP2 scripts can load files from different folders, and even from remote disks, it is recommendable to keep all concerned files in single project folder. An excellent method is to keep files where they are and to place their aliases into the project folder, as shown Fig.10.

At execution time, BP2 does its best to identify folder(s) in which the files required by the script will be found. For example, if a grammar file has been loaded from a specific folder, then other grammar files will be searched in that same folder. In addition, the folder in which the current script is saved will be searched. Instruction "Set directory..." will provide the path to a specific folder.

Instruction "Set Vref..." is less practical because the value of Vref depends on the volumes currently opened. If a script contains "Set Vref..." it may not execute properly if you start your computer in a different configuration, e.g. the Syquest unit or the scanner is not switched on. If the script debugger generates a "Set Vref..." instruction it is therefore recommendable to delete it and locate the file (or an alias of it) on the same volume as the script.