Ranges of performance control arguments

The following ranges are imposed by MIDI specifications.

_mod(0..16383) -- some devices may ignore the least significant byte
_modrate(0..16383) -- samples per second
_pancontrol(0..127) -- index of MIDI controller
_panrate(0..16383) -- samples per second
_pitchbend(0..16383) if not preceded by _pitchrange(r), otherwise (-r..+r) with r in cents
_pitchrange(0..16383) -- this value is generally lower and depends on the synthesiser: "_pitchrange(r)" instructs BP2 that the range of the pitch bender on the current MIDI channel is (± r) cents. It sets the limit of the argument of _pitchrange() to the same value.
"_pitchrange(0)" indicates that subsequent "_pitchbend(x)" instructions take their argument x as the actual MIDI pitchbend position (range 0..16383) instead of a value expressed in cents.
_pitchrate(0..16383) -- samples per second
_pressrate(0..16383) -- samples per second
_staccato(0..127) -- in fact the value is clipped to the 0..100 range.
_transpose(-128..+127) -- semitones
_volumerate(0..16383) -- samples per second
_volumecontrol(0..127) -- index of MIDI controller