Parametric performance control

For all performance controls taking an argument in range 0..127 it is possible to replace the argument with a control parameter K1, K2,... K32767. For instance, "_vel(K3 = 60)" will assign velocity 60 and set K3 to the same value. If later, for instance, _press(K3) is found, then channel pressure will be set to the current value of K3. These control parameters are therefore global numeric variables.

Parameters K1, K2... may also be used as weights in grammars (see §5.4 or reference manual §4.6) and may even be modified by MIDI controllers or NoteOn velocities, depending on infomation given in the "Interaction" window, for instance:

IN Param K3 = controller #18 channel 1

(See §6.5 for more detail)