More notes

The "+sc.TryMe" script demonstrated BP2's ability to deal with " simple notes" in the same way most MIDI programs do. BP2 was initially designed to handle " sound-objects" containing arbitrary sequences of elementary events (MIDI messages or Csound score lines), and it still handles them. You will learn about sound-objects very soon. Meanwhile, here is an overview of things you can do with simple notes.

Type cmd-d or select "Data" in the "Windows" menu. Then type cmd-j or select "Type from MIDI" in the "Misc" menu. The cursor changes to a small keyboard: . From now on, any note played on a connected MIDI input device will print the note name at the current cursor position. It uses the convention selected in the "Misc" menu: English, French-Italian, Indian or Key numbers.

Notes may be transposed if "Transpose input notes" has been checked on the Control panel and a non-zero number of semitones has been entered near the check box.

In the " " mode, pushing the "hold" pedal inserts a one-beat prolongation '_'. There is a smarter way of entering durations: see the end of §4.3.