BP2's memory partition is sized to 4.5 Mbytes. This determines the maximum available space for storing data generated by BP2. It requires this much to deal with large examples like "-gr.ShapesInRhythm", but it may be sized down to 1.5 Mbytes or less for small machines running small projects.

There is no limit to structures handled by BP2 (i.e. to the complexity of grammars and produced items) save for the size of its RAM partition. However, it is advisable to disable graphics when dealing with very large structures. Memory overflow on graphic procedures might still cause the program to hang, so don't forget to save data before producing sounds or graphics.

Before BP2 runs short of memory it generally sends a warning that the current task cannot be completed. It then releases some spared memory to save the current work. Should this happen, quit the application and increase the application size: select the "BP2.9.3" icon and "Get info" in the Finder menu, then type the new value.