Install BP2

BP2 is a stand-alone application running on Macintosh® configurations using a 68020, 68030, 68040 processor, PowerMac or G3. It does not require an arithmetic coprocessor. It is currently being developed and checked under MacOS 8.1 and will not run with system versions below 7.1. The PowerMac optimized version is called "BP2.9.3 (ppc)" and the 680x0 one "BP2.9.3 (68k)". We check every version under MacOS 8.1 on a "slow" Mac (PowerBook 5300cs) and a "fast" one (G3 / 333MHz).

To run "BP2.9.3 (ppc)" on a PowerMac, first drag the file "OMSLibPPC.slb" to the System folder, unless it has already been put there when installing another MIDI program . This file is supplied with BP2 in a folder named "Drag content to System". It is the shared library of OMS which BP2 requires even when it is not using OMS. The file will reside in the "Extensions" folder.

BP2 requires no other system extension or control panel. Its default settings file "-se.startup" and its on-line help file "BP2 help" must reside in the same folder as the program, not in the System folder.

If you still own an old version of BP2 you should trash it, install the new one and restart the computer holding down the 'command' (cmd) and 'option' keys down to rebuild the desktop. Keeping several versions of BP2 may lead to unpredictable situations. Do not hesitate to trash obsolete versions because files get automatically upgraded to the new version.