Graphic scale and time accuracy

Fig.23 shows a few dialogs activated by the "Misc" menu.

Fig.23 Graphic scale, time accuracy, etc.

Time accuracy is set in the "Accuracy" dialog. Time resolution is the shortest significant time interval, i.e. the resolution of the in-built MIDI driver. Its default value is 10 milliseconds, but you might want to change it (down to 1 millisecond). Because of the inaccuracy of MIDI devices, however, time resolution less than 10ms is rather illusory.

Note that timings in the Csound output (see §17) are not influenced by the time resolution.

Internal computations use 1ms resolution. BP2's clock uses long integer numbers in range 0..2 31. This allows you to handle items lasting up to:

0.001 x 2 31 = 2,147,483 seconds = about 24 days...
The "Accuracy" dialog also displays the setting of quantization (see reference manual §6). " MIDI set-up time" is an estimation of the time needed by MIDI codes to transit through the MIDI driver. A 100ms value is safe. Small values sometimes lead to incorrect timings in the beginning of items.