Csound function tables describing waveforms

Most Csound instruments need tables to produce wave-forms, ramps, etc. These tables are stored by BP2 along with the -cs.<name> file and may be accessed clicking the top left button "Tables..." on the Csound instrument dialog (see Fig.34). Default table "f1" is written following the syntax of Csound:

f1 0 256 10 1

It contains 256 points and uses GEN10 (the harmonic oscillator) with only the first partial, yielding a sine-wave. This is the default table used by BP2.

Csound waveform descriptions are automatically inserted in the beginning of Csound score files. They are not displayed in the "Trace" window even when "Trace Csound" is active. Do not use indexes beyond 100 as these are reserved to function tables automatically produced by BP2 (see §17.12 infra).