Creating a Csound score in a sound-object prototype

There are three ways of creating a Csound score describing the sequence of events in a sound-object prototype.

• Type the score in the window displayed Fig.36;
• Import the score from a text file (which could as well be a score produced by BP2);
• Create the score by converting the MIDI stream to Csound.

The third method is a practical way of converting BP2 projects from MIDI to Csound. First of all, a Csound instrument file such as "-cs.tryCsoundObjects" must be loaded so that the conversion makes use of the proper instruments. Then, for each sound-object prototype, click the button "Convert to Csound". If necessary, the MIDI stream may be deleted afterwards: click "Edit/record MIDI stream" and "CLEAR".

Needless to say, sound-objects containing a Csound score may be granted the same properties: pivot, continuity, periodicity (§2.5) etc., as the ones containing a MIDI stream. Thus, Csound users can benefit of advanced features of BP2 as to timing, constraint satisfaction, etc.