Bol Processor BP2 -- a 'QuickStart'

This is a short introduction to BOL PROCESSOR BP2 .

Since BP2 uses the standard Apple Macintosh® interface, any person familiar with common software (e.g. word processors) can operate it easily.

BP2 is thoroughly documented on-line: type cmd-? (question mark with the command key down) and click any button, menu item, static text or word in a text. You may also open the text file "BP2 help" with any word processor.

The present introduction is meant to explain how BP2 works and help you to start designing your own (presumably musical) sounds. Throughout the introduction we will use files from the example folders so that you do not need to create and debug grammars, alphabets, sound-object files, etc., before seeing and hearing BP2 in operation. The reference manual (below in this document) is more informative about the way BP2 handles musical syntax.