BP2 Reference Manual

Version 2.9.3 (Revised: February 1998)

The development of more and more visual stuff curtails the possibility of "thinking in your chair." Sometimes I develop grammars, not at the computer, but sitting with a pencil and paper. With programs [other than BP2] this is not possible: you must sit in front of the computer. The difference lies in the type of attention that each software environment demands on the part of the composer, and indeed reflects on the way s/he thinks about music.
Harm Visser (in Bel 1998)
To understand the philosophy of Bol Processor BP2 in great depth it is recommended to read our publications: Kippen & Bel 1992, Bel & Kippen 1992, Bel 1992a-b. (Bel 1991) is a regularly updated document containing detailed descriptions of algorithms and data structures used in BP2.

Most examples described in these publications are enclosed in the "BP2 examples" folder.