An amazing interface for BP2

My son Tansen (now in his 17's) always looked down at me for using a standard Mac interface. In great despair he once designed 3-D windows and dialogs to show me what a decent interface should look like. Well done. But the other day we dragged Aaron 1.3.2 to the Mac's system folder. Aaron is an extension making windows, dialogs and alerts look like Apple's MacOS 8, system. All in a sudden BP2's interface looked exactly the way Tansen wanted it!

You can't afford a victory against a teen-ager boy everyday. I sent congratulations to Aaron's authors (Greg Landweber and Edward Voas) and paid the 10$ fee to Kagi shareware.

Now that Copland is out of the way we don't know what the future will look like. I am still very fond of Aaron for a particular feature: windows can been dragged from their four sides, not only from their title bar. This allows moving them even when their title bars are out of reach.