A more elaborated project

Type cmd-l or select "Load project" in the "File" menu to load a project : you will be prompted to locate a grammar, and related files will be automatically loaded. Before loading a project, BP2 clears all project windows ; the same may be done by typing cmd-n or selecting "New project" in the "File" menu.

Clearing the current project is a good habit when you start a new job. If windows are not cleared they may still contain headers causing unwanted files to be loaded.

Look carefully at the "-gr.koto3" grammar file. On top of it you read :


These are the names of the MIDI orchestra file, the interactive file, the time base file, the settings file and the alphabet file respectively. The file "-in.abc1" will be used for controlling BP2 interactively from a MIDI keyboard or controllers (see §6).

The "-se.koto3" settings file has already been automatically loaded. If BP2 does not find its name in the "Grammar" window it searches it in the "Data" window.

You can load grammar and alphabet files separately by typing cmd-o or selecting "Open file" in the "File menu" when the corresponding window is active. This additionally enables you to load files of types different of BP2 types, for example a grammar that has been edited in a word processor and saved as pure text: type cmd-o with the 'option' key down.

The "-mi.abc1" file has not been loaded so far. BP2 will open it only at the time it is needed.