16. What's in a "-se." file?

A "-se." settings file contains all information about the current environment of BP2, which does not include data found in the current "-gr." grammar, "-ho." alphabet, "-in." interactive codes, "-kb" keyboard encoding, "-gl" glossary and "-mi." sound-object files.

This includes the current start string, the current random seed, all button settings, the current time base, time resolution and quantization, graphic scale, MIDI filters, tuning, file save options, MIDI file type, window dimensions and locations, colour options and font sizes.

To save the current settings, select "Save settings" in the "File" menu. To create a start-up file, select "Modify '-se.startup'". BP2 remembers where it found the startup settings file and it will store the new settings into it. (Perhaps it is wise to keep a copy of "-se.startup" before doing this.

A project-specific settings file must be saved in the same folder as the grammar, and a data-specific settings file must be saved in the same folder as the data it relates to. The name of the settings file is automatically inserted on top of the grammar and data windows, so that it may be later automatically reloaded.

Note that settings files produced by old versions of BP2 might not be fully compatible. Differences may appear in window positions and/or the settings of radio buttons on the "Settings" dialogs. After loading an old project it is recommendable to check its settings and save them again.